Saturday, July 20, 2013

Revised- My Heart Goes out to the Trayvon Martin Family

Initially, everyone who was not “black” claimed the blacks were pulling a race card… and yet, every time Trayvon is mentioned by anyone who isn’t black, his race (especially in offensive slur or stereotype) is mentioned twice as much as the blacks pointing it out.
Thus, our nation really has a Civil Rights case, in every sense of the word and all the groups who have experienced being discriminated against, bullied, chased home, beat up,hindered or suffered infraction while going about one’sown business, etc. because he/she didn’t dress/look/speak/behave as someone thought you ought to—should be jumping into this case… but why would they? All those who advocate this kind of behavior (Bullying), will merely start name-calling , saying things like “go home”, ” move” and harassing them more than previous years.The Imperiously prejudicial,Robert likely hate having this dialogue as much as you claim Blacks would acts worse when losing their social programming.
I watched the case as soon as news broke…and my focus wasn’t about race at all. Nevertheless, race is apart of Civil rights… but Whenever I blogged about the issue or wrote comments as to my concerns,every reply I got back was laced with racial slurs or some other ethnic assassination of my character.
The replies maybe slightly disturbing and certainly are crass. Yet,my bottom line is…. think what you want, call me what you like… but does it give you reason or right to follow me, fear for my safety and kill me?
The Klan (among many other hate groups) marches, says mean things about others, and wears hoods, cloaks, capes, too… and is that reason or right to follow them based upon your suspicions, fight them, then kill them?
I’m a vet’s kid,so rules and rank were my child-rearing. I’m grateful because it taught me much respect for our laws and those who uphold them. You have NO right to drive without a license, despite being able to, and by law you should be penalized whenever you get caught. Law Enforcement and only Law Enforcement is authorized to pursue with or without a warrant when they have probable cause. When being an outlaw behind the wheel costs someone else their life, murder has been added onto illegal driving. It doesn't matter whether that person is young or old, drunk or sober, a criminal or an angel. Assassinating the character of another doesn't remove My culpability if I breaking the law or , in this metaphor? disregard the driving rules. The words WATCH and FOLLOW aren’t the same and never have been in any dictionary. Zimmerman was neighborhood, what?… “Watch”.
2+3 will never equal 9 no matter how much I watch the numerals, follow them, call police on them when they add up to 5 or shoot them down for equaling 5. Supposition isn’t certainty, when it comes down to the LAW, So, why so eager to make them the same?
Would the case go the same way if the dead person were 17-year old Shanice, Alison, or Rosita–regardless how tall/short/skinny/ etc she was, wearing a hoodie or haute couture? Is sex with a minor ok because she “looks” 19-years?
Put together other valid clues alongside these, even those about real gangs, and you have all the makings of a Bully.Seeing as Zimmerman ventured into similar career routes early on and failed, since he’s allowed to assume a kill… I’ll wager Professionals saw this kind of character festering and “Watching” neighborhoods was the closest he’d ever get to a real Police work. Bullies never look for opponents who equal them in EVERY way.They long for merit and attention they don’t deserve, to be treated “above the rules” which apply to the rest of us, and while victimizing, they love playing the wronged fellow. They could join theatre for all the acting they do. Shooting someone over what they are wearing while on your turf or theirs, is a common protocol for ALL street gangs and thugs. Based on Zimmerman’s call to 9-1-1 about the nigger in a hoodie… punk in a hoodie, up to no good… …wouldn't being killed over clothing equate to the gang violence, the kind so common to those who meet someone whose clothing or it’s colors offend them? Maybe watching the film, “Colors” can refresh a memory.
Businesses, jobs, schools may standardize/uniform dress…i.e. ” no shirt, no shoes, no service”, business casual, all-white party, black-tie event… but when is the last time a principal, judge, CEO, or hostess followed and killed someone who didn’t dress as they thought one should or according to the standards of the organization? NO; in all those cases…. You are dismissed, sent out, sent home, or jailed at the most–by one with authority to do so.
If professionals operate in this manner then what right does the average Joe (or George, rather) have to do otherwise.. or even worse?
I didn't see race: If a young girl, Trayvon age or size is dressed like the town tramp or prom sweetheart or “looks like” she is 19-years old, that makes it ok for men or anyone else with a notion, to watch her from their cars and then follow her on foot? Is she wrong to run, or taze the man? I have a little girl and she is quite tall for her age. This case is telling me, I have no right to teach her and she has no right to learn how to defend yourself, if someone is trying to fight, follow, or frisk you, because of what you wear...
It seems that running away or walking home isn’t good enough for the typical minor, who is too tall, fat, or whatever other reason one seeks to follow them. Trayvon should have stopped and began yelling (and kept yelling) to the top of his lungs, Help me, please! I’m being followed, I don’t know him at all! Call the Police! Since people can now be followed on a whim but prohibited from defending themselves, this appears to be their only recourse, even if that is their last words. What do we care?
To make me feel unsafe in my own neighborhood, first from your vehicle, and then later on foot… you are stalking me.
Unless you’ve been in that situation, you don’t understand it and it is only natural for you to call me a whiner, and you know what? I forgive you because you don’t know any better.. all you know and seek to know is what makes you comfortable.
My homosexual friend was chased and nearly beat to death by some guys carousing in a vehicle, who saw him leaving a Men’s Fashion store. Why? He was dressed professional and more masculine than he normally would be on that day and rightly so, since he had an interview there:”You’re trying to be man today? Well, let’s make it official and beat the b–tch out of you for good”…
I find it ironic, especially since it is July… that many of the same things our Declaration of Independence protested against regarding the King of England’s treatment… are many things this nation yet grapples with in 2013. One of the first things addressed in the declaration was inequality… and we’re still not there.
Whether in a hoodie or haute coutre, dressed as a drag queen or a Goth…with the hair of a hippie or a mohawk haircut the color of the rainbow… with several piercings and tattoos or none at all…If I’m not bothering you, then you out of place to bother me, and utterly wrong to killl me.